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Your Cup of Coffee – 01/08/2019


Your Cup of Coffee

January 8, 2019

I often have heard friends say that they appreciate my friendship because they know they can invite me over for a cup of coffee and I will not judge how their home looks.  What a great compliment that is.  I remember having the opposite feeling when I was first beginning the socialization of stay at home motherhood.  I felt like when people came over, they pointed out how I could improve my home based on their ideals.  A cup of coffee became a breakout session for how I could improve my life.  Not what I was looking for when I invited them for coffee.

I realized as I grew older that what was lacking in those coffee sessions was my confidence with myself and my home.  I did not love my home, so I wasn’t confident when people were in it, messy or not.  That lack of confidence welcomed their critiques of what could be changed instead of being proud of what I able was to achieve for the day, which may have been simply to brew that pot of coffee.

As the years went by, I began looking at my home through my own lens and began to ask myself what makes me and my family comfortable.  What makes my home inviting to us to have coffee in.  I slowly began to make changes that represented myself and the things that bring me and my family joy.  While I appreciated the critique of others and often took suggestions, my home began to transform into a place where I wanted to have a cup of coffee.

It is so important to find both friends that accept you for who you are and to create a home that you are proud to brew coffee in.  A home that will make you comfortable and in turn give you confidence to make others feel comfortable.  Your home is your sanctuary, make it feel like yours.  Your friends are your people, love the ones that accept you and invite them over to your sanctuary for a cup of your coffee.

Clutter – 09/08/2018


Clutter – 09/08/2018

September 8, 2018

Clutter…. something we all have in our life.  It stares at us, it overwhelms us, it lingers upon us.  Sometimes we try to tackle it, but then life gets in the way.  Stopping to look at that clutter one day you realize how unnecessary so much of it is.  It is space filler that often clogs your view of what is good.  Even the clutter you want to keep is doing no good lying around making you feel like you live in a heap of chaos. Over the years I have found that by decluttering my home of excess baggage, I have been able to simplify my space, so I can focus on the things around me that I really want to see.

Decluttering begins with three bins.  One bin is for the items you need now.  These items will remain in your space and be used on a daily basis. The next bin is for the items you want to hold onto for the future but may not need now.  A child’s rocking chair that they have outgrown, but that should not be given away.  A journal that chronicled your last year that you may want to look back and ponder one day.  The final bin is for the items that you want to part with.  A book you already read.  A clothing item that no longer fits.  A kitchen utensil that you never use.  These items can be given to a local charity or sold on a resale site or at a tag sale.  Sometimes the thing you no longer use is exactly what someone else is looking for.

With filling these bins comes time…something that many of our Clients do not have.  One of the many services that we offer at Simply DONE is to help you clear out your space and fill up your bins.  One to use, one to keep and one to give away.  Is decluttering on your list of things to do, but not in your time budget?  Call on us and it will be Simply DONE!